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January 2013

True Cost of a Bad Boss: A Fantastic One Minute Video

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“There are only two kinds of bosses: those that support their teams and have a positive overall impact on productivity and those that do not. Unfortunately, a lot of U.S. bosses are just making work harder to do well. Today, nearly one-third of American employees report that they feel under appreciated by their direct supervisors. And a full 44% say that they’ve been verbally or even physically abused by a superior at some point in their careers.”

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9 Signs Your Workplace Needs Civility, 6 Steps to Achieve It

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Does your workplace need civility? Whether it is in the office or out in public, it seems that rude behavior is on the rise. It is time for a change. In order to bring civility back into the workplace, the employer must be able to spot the conflict. By having civility in the workplace, not only do you promote a low stress work environment, but you are able to improve employee morale and the quality of workload output.

Some Signs Your Workplace Needs Civility Include:

  • Higher than normal employee turnover
  • A large number of employee grievances and complaints
  • Lost work time by employees calling in sick
  • Increased consumer complaints
  • Diminished productivity in terms of quality and quantity of work
  • Cultural and communications barriers
  • Lack of confidence in leadership
  • Inability to adapt effectively to change
  • Lack of individual accountability


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