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February 2015

Gregg Zaun says hazing in Baseball is okay, and should even be encouraged

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According to an article I saw here, former catcher for the Baltimore Orioles, Gregg Zaun, was hazed via physical abuse… and thinks it should be encouraged in baseball. Zaun was speaking with hosts Bob McCown and Ken Reid on Prime Time Sports when he divulged that he was taped to a training table, written on, and even beat up. Zaun went on to say that hazing needed to happen more often and with the backing of management. He further claimed that veteran players should be allowed to create the environment they want to create, and that when everyone knows the pecking order things seem to work out.

Maybe someone should tell Zaun that there are a lot of other ways to demonstrate the pecking order. Leaders can definitely prove they are at the top of the hierarchy by demonstrating they will not tolerate physical abuse under any circumstances. Encouraging behavior that is considered bullying, harassment, illegal and grounds for criminal lawsuits is certainly not the right environment for baseball players.