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March 2016

Stop losing good people

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True story:

The VP of Learning and Development for a credit union was being bullied by her SVP of Human Resources. She lodged a complaint with her CEO, and he hired an attorney to do an investigation. The attorney found nothing illegal was going on so the grievance was dismissed. With nowhere to turn, the VP resigned.

The CEO and attorney’s limited perspective led to a limited investigation, and ultimately drove a high performing employee of 10 years to quit. Had management and the investigator been knowledgeable on the impacts of workplace bullying, the outcome may have been different.

Just because the behavior’s not illegal, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Don’t lose good people. Get registered for my March 23 webinar here at this link.

In addition to the 10-steps required to solve workplace bullying, I will provide some real guidance for taking in a grievance; how to decipher between a complaint about harassment, bullying and conflict; and how to conduct an investigation.

I look forward to seeing you there. Sign up.

A manager worksheet for behavior change

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Workplace bullying can happen in any industry. I know lots of great companies who believe (or at least suspect) they have a bullying problem, yet they don’t implement solutions. Why?

Perhaps they’ve tried some ideas out, but they aren’t seeing change. Or the process seems daunting. Or maybe the CEO hasn’t signed off on fixing the problem.

But mostly, it’s because they just don’t know where to start.

Well, one place to start is with your managers.

Do they know how to stop bullying? Do they know how to coach people who are engaging in bullying behavior? If you haven’t taught them these skills, then probably not.

So here’s a tool for you to pass around to your managers. This is a worksheet managers can fill out before their meetings with anyone who is in need of a behavior or performance shift. It will help your managers figure out exactly what to say, so they feel armed and ready to have an effective coaching conversation with their employees.

But of course, this form in and of itself won’t solve bullying. It’s just one tool.

Here’s a tool to increase employee professionalism in 30 mins

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Last month I challenged you to take action against workplace bullying by doing something, anything, to put a stop to it. I presented the challenge, and now I’ll offer up a tool to help.

Your step to ending bullying doesn’t have to be a $1,000,000 initiative. The truth is, the best first step is to talk about creating a positive workplace – and talk about it a lot. It will expose the elephant in the room, and then you can start taking bigger, more powerful steps from there.

That said, I took the liberty of stealing from my own training materials and put this job aid together for you. This is an exercise I run for clients in my training programs, and I’m sharing it with you so that you can run it with your team.

The job aid provides step-by-step guidance to facilitate a 30-45 minute conversation about professionalism. Feel free to use it yourself or email it on to your managers to use in their staff meetings.