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May 2016

Seeking Marketing and Administrative Assistant

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Here’s the Deal:

I need a Marketing and Administrative Assistant who can boldly take my business where it has never gone before. In other words, there is a ton of opportunity for my consulting and training business to grow, and I don’t have time to do everything that’s needed to make that happen. I need you to help me create and implement marketing initiatives, and to provide some administrative support.

You can learn more about me and my business here, at www.CivilityPartners.com

My vision for the right person, right now, is to get started on sending the attorney emails I mention below in the first bullet point, and go from there. If we find we make a stellar team, then we’d start focusing on the other bullets, and your position would grow from there.

Pay, Hours and Location:

I will pay minimum wage, $10/hour. BUT, if I earn revenue from something that YOU did, I will share the wealth and give you some of it on top of the $10/hour.

We can decide together what your work hours will be. Ideally I’d like to see you twice/week for 2 hours, so four hours per week total, for now.

You must also know that I am a solopreneur and work from home. I will want you to come here and we can work across from my kitchen table together. Once we build up some trust I’d certainly be fine with you working from home.

Marketing Responsibilities:

  • Using a list of employment law attorneys I have already created, the assistant will do minor research on each attorney in order to personalize a template email prior to sending it on my behalf
  • Repost my weekly enewsletter to my website blog, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter
  • Locate relevant articles about workplace bullying and building a positive culture in order to post on Twitter and Facebook
  • Complete and submit proposals for speaking at conferences
  • Research and understand how to maximize a LinkedIn Premium Account, and implement action items
  • Research, develop and implement other appropriate and cost-effective marketing and sales initiatives to reach target markets, as time permits

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Book travel arrangements for my business trips
  • Put together and mail corporate gifts to clients and others
  • Assist in managing and organizing an HR online class I am working to create
  • Assist in maintaining my CRM, HubSpot
  • Manage my Virtual Assistant and other vendors
  • Serve as administrative assistant as needed, such as completing regulatory forms, handling mailings, responding to emails, writing process documents, etc.


  • Obsessive about details
  • You’ve got to have strong writing skills!
  • Creative and tech savvy; proficient on the ol’ computer or laptop
  • Willing and able to learn new things, and take the plunge on implementing them
  • Lover of creating and following checklists and systems (I love a good checklist, don’t you?!)
  • Excited about learning to grow a business, and about learning and growing yourself
  • A free-spirit is probably good, because this business is not a regular 9-5’er
  • Confidence in yourself and your ideas
  • Outgoing, friendly and positive attitude
  • You have to like dogs… I have two.

This position is ideal for a college student majoring in marketing or business, but anyone who’s looking for some extra cash can certainly apply!


Please send your resume and cover letter in PDF format to Catherine@CivilityPartners.com. Please include in the cover letter the three reasons why you should be selected, and what you liked most about my website.

Points of Courage: A Village and a Vengeance

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I had the coolest experience, and crossed off a bucket list item I didn’t know I had.

I was invited to be on a very special podcast called Points of Courage, and I wanted to share the recording with you. (Click play at the top of the page.)

The host, Jessica Jackley, is the founder of Kiva, the first micro-lending website, which she started after a trip to Uganda. She met many people who, if they could just get $25, could purchase an animal or an item that would allow them to start a business.

The important thing was that this business would change the trajectory of their life. These people didn’t want a donation, they wanted a loan, so they could use their own talents to make a difference for themselves and their families.

The podcast series, Points of Courage, highlights people similar to Jessica, who had the courage to turn a profound life experience into a business. I was humbled to be asked to share the story of how my profound life experience with bullying changed my life, and you can listen to it here.

If you want to hear Jessica’s story, you can watch her TEDTalk here. What she talks about is other peoples’ stories. That we should listen to them and be inspired by them. We even have the ability to change the trajectory of someone else’s life with one small gesture.

If you know someone who is being bullied at work, what small gesture can you provide that could change their trajectory? How can you help? If you yourself is being bullied at work, what small step can you take to change your own trajectory? My book, BACK OFF! offers several options in response to that question, one of which is to change your mindset.

The TEDTalk is six years old, so you might be interested to know that Kiva has since reached $1 BILLION in microloans. Pretty amazing.

Keep on keepin’ on.

SHRM 2016 Handouts

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If you attended the SHRM 2016 Conference in Washington DC, here are the handouts I showed in my presentation:

Here are some additional tools you can use with your staff or managers:

  • Examples of bullying behavior (a list of behaviors from each category of behavior, aggressive communication, humiliation, and manipulation)
  • Culture assessment (find out if your organization has a culture of bullying)
  • Professionalism job aid (a job aid managers can follow as they have an open discussion with their staff about professionalism in your workplace)


Three shocking facts about workplace bullying and what you can do about them

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I just returned from speaking at the International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment conference. Every other year, all of the researchers who study workplace bullying from universities get together with all of the consultants, psychologists and lawyers who try to stop workplace bullying. Our goal is to share our insights, knowledge and experiences.

I thought you might be interested in three of my main key takeaways.

Takeaway 1:

Research on people who bully continues to be scarce. In the 90’s one famous professor called it the “black hole” of information in bullying research. Three researchers attempting to fill this hole discovered that “bullies” believed their behavior was justified given their work responsibilities, and were shocked to learn they’d been labeled as a bully. Many showed symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Translation: Bullying is not intentional, as many would like you to believe. Training on how to lead people and hold them accountable is a must for any supervisor, manager or leader of any sort. Training on appropriate workplace behavior, and including these behaviors in rewards and performance management systems, will help.

Takeaway 2:

After reviewing over 5,500 pages of research in over 90 studies, Dr. Michelle Tuckey discovered research indicates that organizational determinants are much more powerful than individual determinants.

Translation: It’s the organization’s fault bullying happens, so it’s the organization that needs to make a change to solve bullying, not necessarily the individual.

Takeaway 3:

After searching high and low for research about solving workplace bullying, Dr. Tuckey could find only 12 studies on the topic. Only three of them used valid research methods, and only two of them showed effective methods.

Translation: We need more research on what works when it comes to solving bullying.

If you’ve ever seen my testimonials page, you know my methodology works. To that end, I’m looking for a business who wants to partner with me to fill this gap in research, by participating in an extended case study that will be used by other consultants and anti-bullying advocates. The study will be instrumental in helping to transform the culture of organizations around the world.

If you’re interested in proving the return on investment for solving bullying, then let’s talk.

Assessment: How committed are you to a culture of respect?

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You are someone who cares about creating a better working environment at your organization. You’re probably already selling other leaders in your company on your ideas for positive workplace practices, and telling your managers they have to get better at setting expectations for behavior and performance. And you definitely have a goal to implement a healthy workplace policy, if you haven’t already.

But sometimes while we’re putting in a lot of effort, we forget to sit back and re-assess what we’ve done so far, and what we need to do next.

For that reason, I thought I’d provide a really great assessment for you to figure out where your organization is excelling and what you could be doing better.Take a few moments to print out this one-page document, and check where you stand on each item. Now you’ll have a list of what you can focus on personally, to create a more positive workplace.

Next, send the link to your managers and supervisors. They might be surprised to learn what additional – and in some cases simple – steps they can be taking to create a better workplace.

And if you read through this assessment and think, “EEK! Most people will check only ‘sometimes!’” then you’ve got some work to do. I’d be happy to help you create a plan for improvement. Just contact me and we can schedule a 10-minute call.

OCHR Handouts

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If you attended the OCHR conference on May 18, you might be interested in the following handouts:

Ask your leadership, management, and supervisors to complete this self-assessment in order to determine their commitment to a culture focused on civility and respect.

Provide your managers and supervisors this worksheet to help them have difficult conversations with employees about their performance and behavior. This worksheet can serve as a script to help them as they set expectations with employees.

Here’s a professionalism job aid your managers and supervisors can use during one of their staff meetings. It provides some ideas on how to hold an open discussion about professionalism, and what it means to each employee. The activity will require just 30 minutes.