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Workplace bullying

How Bagels Destroyed Trust In An Organization

By August 25, 2016 No Comments
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A friend of mine told me that his manager sent out an email that she was going to start doing bagel Mondays. He didn’t eat breakfast that following Monday because he thought a bagel would be at work waiting for him.

But, there were no bagels, and there never have been.

In fact, the manager just never brought bagels, and never mentioned it again.

It seems silly, but to be honest my friend was annoyed, if not even a little angry. It’s not that there are no piping hot bagels on Monday mornings, it’s that his manager said she’d do something and she didn’t. Couple that with the fact that she often doesn’t keep her word, and she’s quickly losing the trust of the team.

I bring this story up because I think it highlights a major point: If bagels can damage morale like that, think about how deep the damage to morale is when something happens (or doesn’t happen) that really actually matters.

Just food for thought… pun intended.

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