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Build a Civil Workplace by Recognizing the Signs of Bullying in the Workplace

By December 7, 2015 No Comments
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As disappointing as it can be, bullying does not end after graduating from school, as a more serious form of bullying could be experienced in a workplace setting which threatens civility at work. However, it is also to be noted that not all forms of intimidation or reprimanding constitutes bullying. In the military, aggressive behavior among superiors would be necessary in order to push trainees to their limits through tough physical and mental tests.

However, it is a whole new story outside military camps. Being bullied at work is very different from aggressive behavior in the military; moreover, workplace could be a lot subtler and hard to detect.

According to researchers, there is a fine line between strong management behavior and abusive behavior. While constructive feedback are essentially necessary for the development of the organization, cases of abnormal unreasonable treatment or remarks which could cause physical or mental harm to the victim definitely constitutes bullying and the need for an anti-bullying corporate policy.

Aside from thinking of workplace bullying solutions, it is important to detect bullying earlier as to employ a proper remedy before it gets worse. For instance, one should be familiar with the signs of bullying in the workplace. These signs include finding oneself constantly being screamed at, having colleagues spread false stories against you, you experiencing sabotage, your mistakes getting highlighted, you are being socially ignored, your privacy is being intruded, you get unnecessary or excessive punishments, receiving offensive jokes, and experiencing physical abuse.

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