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Workplace bullying

Bullying: The Tone at the Top

By January 31, 2014 No Comments
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People often feel that bullying is inevitable, or expected. People think that having a hardened attitude toward other workers is the best way to make it to the top of the proverbial ladder. Others who see bullying-type behavior don’t feel they have many options toward getting it resolved.

According to a 2012 Career Builder Survey, 35 percent of workers said they have felt bullied at work, and 17 percent decided to quit their jobs because of the situation. These numbers show that people are feeling the effects of workplace bullies. For people to decide to give up their livelihoods on account of physical or emotional mistreatment is intolerable. Employees have a greater desire to work hard and churn out quality work when they are in a positive work environment. It benefits business owners to not only have a safe environment, but also to provide a good work environment to attract to talent in the future.

Workplace bullying still exists in a big way because there is no law to keep people from treating other people poorly. Companies must take time to make sure their employees feel safe and even satisfied. It is important to be open about these issues and not shy away from solving them when they come up. In business, the tone is set at the top . . . meaning the boss’s actions are the ones that determine the actions of everyone else. Bullying starts and ends at the top of the businesses and bosses have to remember to treat employees with respect to ensure they will treat others the same way.

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