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Workplace bullying

Choosing to Tackle a Workplace Bully

By December 17, 2015 No Comments
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Sometimes there are moments in an employee’s professional life when he or she encounters a workplace bully.  The degree of abusive may vary depending on the situation.  Sometimes workplace bullying can be very subtle, however, there are instances where the negative behavior would be very obvious.

For employees who were bullied at work, standing up against the bully may be a step that a few would loathe to do.   Either they fear retaliation or would rather stay quiet about the workplace bullying.  They may also be hesitant to confront the bully over worries that it may cost them their jobs.  However, there comes a time when bullied employees would opt to quit their jobs in order to remove themselves from the stressful working environment.

Although at the other end of the spectrum are employees who would rather confront the workplace bully over their abusive conduct.  This approach can be very tricky.  Sometimes it yields positive results in which the bully will stop his or her negative behavior.  But, there are also instances in which it may backfire and the employee would experience more bullying at work or be subjected to further humiliation.

What’s key is for the bullied employee to assess the situation and approach a mentor, manager or their HR team about the workplace bullying.  However, there are times when a discussion with the workplace bully is needed.  More often than not, some are not even aware that they’re turning into a bully.


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