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workplace safety

Workplace bullying
December 9, 2014

ASIS and SHRM Provide the American National Standard for Workplace Violence & Prevention

Workplace violence is any action that threatens the physical safety and/or psychological wellbeing of employees and visitors or that causes damage to company property. Violence is often categorized into three…
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Civil & Healthy Workplaces
November 19, 2014

Sexual Harassment In The Workplace Is Still An Issue

California state law AB1825 mandates sexual harassment training for employees. Despite such laws in place, sexual harassment is rife in the workplace. Lets start by acknowledging that sexual harassment can…
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Civil & Healthy Workplaces
September 30, 2013

Government Shutdown Hits The Labor Department Workplace Safety

The government shutdown will halt the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) discrimination claims. This article on the Huffington Post has important information regarding the filing of discrimination claims with the…
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