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Workplace bullying

Workplace Bullying Victims Need Time to Heal

By September 24, 2015 No Comments
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Being a target of a bully is never a fun experience.   It often leaves emotional and mental scars on the victims, and sometimes, also results to physical pain.  Overcoming these feelings of humiliation, and at times depression, can be a very challenging journey.    So how and where do you start?

Michele Rosa, a certified chaplain and a former workplace bullying victim, set out to find a way to heal from the hurtful experience.  In a retreat style event that Rosa organized last year which tackled healing from being bullied at work, she identified some strategies which worked for her and the event participants.

During the retreat, the group opted to focus on healing and forgiveness.  They didn’t dwell too much on going through the painful memories of workplace bullying, or dissecting the situation, or even finding a solution to the problem.  What helped was that they were able to tell their stories and express their feelings to someone that they know would understand.  Rosa said that building that connection is an important aspect for a victim to start healing.

Apart from having someone that workplace bullying victims can talk to, it’s also important to learn how to forgive and to let go.  What’s also critical is that the victims should not blame themselves for being in that negative and abusive situation.

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