Consulting & Training

“This was the second time Catherine Mattice and Civility Partners provided professional development training at the University of Florida. Collaboratively, we designed a half-day session for business administrators to learn and practice ways to identify and respond (both in the moment and afterward) to bullying behaviors in the workplace. We were extremely impressed with Catherine’s flexibility and openness to adding activities and content that tailored the workshop to our specific needs. In our experience with Catherine, she possesses such a comprehensive mastery of this topic that she could apply her expertise to seemingly any culture or workplace. The end result of our collaboration was hugely successful. Not only was the content spot on, but Catherine’s ability to engage our audience with humor and passion for the topic was first-rate.” Barb Mitola, Director for Gator Business Administrator Services, University of Florida

Catherine customized and provided training for our Senior and Executive Managers on the topic of How to create a work environment that incorporate Civility, Respect, and Accountability. She was a pleasure to work with. Her facilitation skills are excellent and made the training engaging and memorable for our Managers. She incorporated our County’s I.D.E.A.L. values into her presentation which made the training even more relevant for our Managers. Some of the comments from the evaluations were “The training was very good. I appreciate the take home activities and information. We were not just given information but also given the how too.”, “Very helpful topic, thank you for the suggestions and real life practical applications for the workplace.”, “Civility is a great investment of time. Learned great techniques to improve the work environment.”, and “Very important topic. Catherine did an excellent job.” Frances M. Stokes, Organizational Development and Training Officer, Solano County

We wanted to create a training program for our employees that focused on developing their soft skills. Managers and supervisors, in helping their employees increase their skills, would use the training program as an opportunity to establish professional development plans with their employees. A catalog of courses was therefore needed. I’ve worked with Catherine in the past, so immediately thought of her to work with us to develop and customize curriculum to meet our diverse needs. Catherine designed the curriculum and materials, which included a train-the-trainer script. She provided the training for us several times as the internal training team learned the material, and we are now conducting the training. When she facilitated the training I received a lot of very positive feedback about her style and delivery; people enjoyed the interactive content and really felt they’d learned something from her. Now that we are running the trainings using our internal trainers, the curriculum she provided continues to be a useful resource! Catherine is reliable, easy to work with, and works hard to ensure her clients’ needs are met.” Melissa M. Esten, Director of Workforce Development, Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

“After handling several internal complaints about the work environment in one of our departments, we decided to locate an expert who could provide training to our staff about professional conduct and communication. Catherine worked with our management team and explained that training was the first step in solving issues in the department.  It really comes down to good communication. She not only worked with the management team of that department but provided the tools to staff during their training to set the stage for creating a positive work environment. This training was so well received we decided to offer the program to another department. We are pleased with the progress in both departments and attribute this to the training and tools provided by Civility Partners.” Julie Hatcher, Vice President of Human Resources, O’Connor Hospital

“I was really happy with how the training went, and have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the workshop attendees. Catherine did a great job – she spent a lot of time ensuring the material was pertinent to our needs, and she really got people to interact with her and with each other during the training. She also provided several great ideas to implement with the staff so that we can keep the conversation around a positive workplace going long after she is gone. I will definitely be using her ideas in future meetings and talking with managers about using them within individual departments.” Shaney McCoy, CMHC, Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Chair of Student Affairs Staff Development Committee, Weber State University

“Inland Regional Center was experiencing a very hostile and volatile work environment to the point that employees, good friends who had shared an office for over three years, were no longer able to work side by side.  Behavior that would be seen on the playground with young teenagers was being replayed for some staff. Civility Partners was recruited to spend the day with IRC Managers and Directors. This training gave the managers the tools to create change; moving from negative behavior to more positive attitudes towards each other in the work units.  Some of the negative walls came down and allowed the positive to creep in and at the same time a way to build trust among one another. Because the discussion was done in a safe environment with Catherine Mattice it allowed for our minds to open to ideas and methods to allow ourselves to get beyond the negativity of the past; to move toward new ways to create the needed path for change. Today,  people are smiling and looking at one another.  Laughter is heard in the halls.  People are able to problem solve and reach a good resolution. It has taken over a year and IRC is becoming, once again, a good place to work.” Carol Fitzgibbons, Executive Director, Inland Regional Center

“I have had the pleasure of participating in three seminars where Catherine Mattice presented to various audiences. She is a dynamic speaker in which she makes the subject matter very relevant to the daily work environment. Her guidance assists management on how they should work through the problems that arise with workplace bullying. I would recommend employers to take advantage of the various programs offered by Civility Partners.” Ray Kewley, Director of Human Resources,

“Catherine is an expert facilitator. A program participant recently described her workshop as “incredibly helpful, concise…providing concrete tools for applying material back at work.” No surprise. In the six years that Catherine has been part of the Nonprofit Management Solutions team, she has garnered the praise of students and colleagues alike for her knowledge, insight, and dynamic facilitation style.” Stephanie McCullers, Training Manager, Nonprofit Management Solutions

“Catherine has written several courses for our online training programs, and we are huge fans of her work. She is a professional – always providing clean work that is on time and easy for the editor to work with. And with her special knowledge in the area of positive workplaces and civil communication, she brings a valuable perspective to the courses she writes. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship with Civility Partners and are happy to have them on our roster of subject matter experts.” Brian Taylor, CEO & Steve Holland, Editorial Director; Scenario Learning

“The information presented clarified the ways (bullying) behavior can affect an individual and the negative impact it has for the workplace. The training will be an invaluable resource to employees as they perform their daily duties and enable them to assist any individual that may be experiencing such a problem. They will also be more aware in the way they communicate with their co-workers.” Guy Chambers, Captain, Lemon Grove Station, San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept

“I had the pleasure of working with Catherine and her workshop was thorough, informative, and entertaining. Catherine was a professional to work with and a confident, compassionate, and dynamic presenter. She was very well-received by her audience and was given excellent remarks on our evaluation forms. In fact, we liked her so much we are planning on a Part II!” Katie O’Leary, Professional Development Academy, Cuyamaca College


“I wanted to thank you again for your feedback. We had some huge successes with our regional leaders yesterday using some of your suggestions. We noticed a shift once we communicated the ideas you suggested, just as you said we would. We think they felt appreciated and empowered! We really appreciate your insight and the changes we’re already implementing from simply meeting with you for a half hour are a testament to your expertise. Thank you for all of your support!” Candice Coffey, Human Resources Manager, Sage Oak

“I had the great opportunity to enroll in a 30 day diversity course with Ms. Mattice. I learned more over those 30 days in our ½ hour sessions that I have learned in years and months in a corporate setting and numerous seminars and trainings – I really do mean it!  Her workbook was extremely well thought out and provided great exercises, visuals and helpful tools for understanding and adapting to the world we live in. I was able to apply many of her tools, examples and lessons to my everyday life not only in a professional setting as a Vice President of a consulting firm, but also in my personal life related to family and community dynamics . I very much appreciate the excellent work she shared with me – I would highly recommend her to anyone.” Becky Reed, Vice President of Business Development, Behavioral-Medical Interventions

“As I went through the workers compensation process, every agency employee and doctor I encountered told me that I would never, ever succeed because work stress cases in CA are almost impossible to win.  Even my attorney had his doubts that we would succeed at trial. Before Catherine got involved in the case workers comp had denied my claim and absolutely refused to negotiate.  After reviewing all of my documentation and medical records Catherine put together a detailed, expert witness report that completely changed the course of my case.  Several weeks later I had a large settlement check in my hands and a feeling of personal and professional vindication. If you are being harassed, threatened or verbally abused at work and don’t know where to go for help, contact Catherine Mattice at Civility Partners.  You will be glad you did!” Cindy Taylor

“Catherine has helped me to be more assertive in the workplace. She gave me helpful strategies to communicate with those that might not have the same thought process as myself. Through taking the steps that she gave me and applying to how I do everyday business I know it will make me more successful every day.” Kara Tapp, Admissions Counselor, Cambridge College

Conferences, Keynotes and Webinars

“Just a really great session! Easy to listen to and provided valuable info, examples, solutions with a pleasant style”… “Very good practical information that I can take back to the office and start using tomorrow”… “Lots of clarity in dealing with bullying”… “This was the best presentation in the whole conference. Presented well, applies for real life work problems. Thank you Catherine!”… “It is obvious that Ms. Mattice is very knowledgeable on this topic. Her audience was very engaged and it was obvious quite a number of HR professionals are experiencing bullying”… “Amazingly helpful! Best class!”… “The best session I went to. Lots of tangible recommendations.”… “Best session of the conference”… “Rich, experienced instructor”… “This was the best session I attended… lots of information and takeaways. I want her to present on other topics!”… “Best presentation of the conference. I learned a lot.” From attendee evaluations, Annual Conference of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

“I have been working with Catherine Mattice and Civility Partners for more than a year. During this time she has presented several webinars relating to workplace bullying for HRWebAdvisor. We all agree that the issue of bullying in the workplace needs to be addressed directly and practical solutions found to minimize this problem. Catherine has impressed me with both her knowledge and presentation skills as well as with her desire to find practical answers to this complex issue. I look forward to continuing to work with Catherine again in the near future.” Philip Gabel, DKG Media LP, dba HRWebAdvisor

“I have to say, over my career as an EAP I’ve seen similar presentations, and honestly have never been impressed by them. Yours was excellent. Powerpoints weren’t a wall of words, you included available research with citations, you cover the topic from various viewpoints and spoke to your EAP audience very appropriately, your perspective was not limited to the US. Nice job.” Jan Price, Manager, Professional Learning Resources, Employee Assistance Professional’s Association (EAPA)

“Very informative talk… you succinctly explained the issues in a framework that I could understand and share with my staff, and others who can benefit from the primer on bullying.” Gary Barnes, Clinical Manager, Reliant Behavioral Health

“What a great presentation! On behalf of ACR Workplace Section, thank you so much! Very informative presentation and well organized. You certainly represent a wealth of information and generated many questions that provided clarity to a complex subject. Thanks again for your contributions to the field of dispute resolution!” Debra Dupree, MFT, Association of Conflict Resolution Workplace Section, Past Tri-Chair/Advisory Board, Past-President ADR San Diego

“Catherine presented our first SHRM Maine State Council webinar and was truly a pleasure to work with, she responded to all our request in a very timely and professional manner. Her passion for “Understanding Bullying in the Workplace” came across very clear in her presentation and provided our listeners with valuable information on this topic.” SHRM Maine State Council Webinar Committee

Expert Witness

“After twenty three wonderful years with a government agency in a job I loved and a outstanding work performance record, my career was turned upside down by the most awful, verbally abusive supervisor I have ever encountered. As a result of her egregious behavior I became physically, mentally, and emotionally ill to the point that my doctor recommended that I retire or suffer more severe medical complications.  With my health in immediate danger I chose to retire five years earlier than anticipated.

As I went through the workers compensation process, every agency employee and doctor I encountered told me that I would never, ever succeed because work stress cases in CA are almost impossible to win. Even my attorney had his doubts that we would succeed at trial.  Just when things appeared hopeless, my husband read an article in the newspaper about Catherine Mattice of Civility Partners, an expert in workplace bullying, and he decided to contact her on my behalf and the results were amazing!  

Before Catherine got involved in the case workers comp denied my claim and absolutely refused to negotiate.  After reviewing all of my documentation and medical records Catherine put together a detailed, expert witness report that completely changed the course of my case. Several weeks later I had a large settlement check in my hands and a feeling of personal and professional vindication.  

If you are being harassed, threatened or verbally abused at work and don’t know where to go for help, contact Catherine Mattice at Civility Partners.  You will be glad you did!” Cindy Taylor

Resume Writing

“I have never had my resume professionally written before and was a little unsure of how tough of a task it was going to be. Catherine wiped away all of those fears and made it a very simple and enjoyable process. She was very responsive and always eager to go the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the finished product – and I definitely was. Now, I am completely confident that when I apply for a position, I am submitting a resume that is a direct reflection of my work experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Catherine!” Darren Moradian, Marketing Professional

“Catherine’s expertise in resume writing helped me more than I could have imagined – I could never have done it that well on my own. She helped me promote strengths gained from many years in an administrative position to attract potential employers in my new career as a health care clinician. As I submitted my resume to various organizations I received extremely positive feedback. In two cases, I received phone calls from organizations that weren’t even looking to hire at the time but wanted to express how great my resume was.” Cathy D., Legal Office Manager turned Cardiovascular Technician

“Catherine brought my resume back from the brink of oblivion. I had been rehashing the same “action words” and job titles for the last 3 years when I finally decided it was time to have a professional look at it. Catherine breathed new life into it! We discussed what I had done at previous jobs, and she spent time getting to know what my professional background was really about. She completely reformatted the presentation, highlighted my strengths and made it an eye-catching representation of who I am professionally. I am now getting calls for interviews that I wasn’t getting before. Thank you Catherine!” Gina Stavrakakis, International Business Professional