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Civil & Healthy Workplaces

Avoid Disrespectful Behavior by Embracing Civility at Work

By November 25, 2015 No Comments
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Some employees may have to deal with rude or disrespectful people at work on a daily basis. Such behavior can be experienced either with their bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers, clients and even with third parties at work. However, the key to avoiding such behavior and building a civil workplace is by embracing civility itself.

Embracing civility complements civility training by remembering some easy guidelines. First, one should remain patient and calm in dealing with others, especially those hot-headed ones. And if ever you may disagree with someone, make sure it is an important matter to argue with. Arguing pointless matters leads to nowhere; and always remember that you cannot always be right.

Another way to maintain civility at work is learning the art of listening, as being a good listener is a strong display of embracing civility. Also, one must take note to search for the good in everyone instead of seeking for other’s flaws, as it would never be healthy in building a civil workplace. Another important thing to note of is to avoid the gossip as such unethical behavior has no room for a civil workplace. One should also learn to acknowledge one’s mistakes and not blaming others for it. Workplace civility consulting may help you in this.

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