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Culture Change Consulting

Civility Partners uses a step by step proprietary process developed over a decade of working with a variety of clients in a huge array of industries. Our program will help you reduce and even eliminate workplace bullying, discrimination and/or harassment, and more importantly, create a positive and inclusive workplace. We follow a proven process that is guaranteed to get results.

Our Process



A great place to start is at the beginning. This step includes interviews with stakeholders, a custom survey for all members, and interviews with a random sample of 10-15% of your population. The results are used to understand what specific actions your organization must take in order to achieve your goal of a positive work environment.

Added bonus: The survey provides the ability to make a business case for changing culture to your leaders, or to managers during any training they receive during the process.


Leadership Meetings/Coaching

Once the assessment results are prepared, we will hold an in-person leadership meeting to discuss the survey results and next steps. In addition we will have ongoing coaching sessions every other week, eventually moving to once per month over time. Leadership coaching can include the CEO only, or can include HR and/or other members of the senior leadership team. Who is involved will depend on the structure of your organization.

Action Team

One mistake many company’s make in culture change is relying too heavily on the leadership team. While culture design starts at the top, employees should be more involved in change than most organizations allow. We will work with you to build a team of 8-12 members of the workforce from all levels, who will be responsible for creating and managing the culture change strategic plan. At first, we often serve as the liaison between the action team and leadership team to get things done (because most times the assessment has revealed a gap in communication), but over time they will build their own bridge.

First Culture Change Strategic Plan

We will work with the action team to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in the assessment, and then develop a 6-month strategic plan for improvement. This first plan is a 6 month plan so we can make quick change. This builds trust in leaders and in our process, which is necessary given that, more than likely, distrust is a part of the current culture.

Update Core Values

With our help, the action team will develop ideas for core values and gain input from the workforce as they whittle them into final core values. This is a necessary step, because any core values that may be currently in place have been ignored and the workforce needs to buy into new ones. Core values become the guiding light for culture change, as the action team then seeks to create plans around helping the workforce live those values.

Execution of the Strategic Plan

The strategic plan is organic and unique to each of our clients, but our assistance is often needed along the way. We have created new onboarding programs, created new performance management systems, delivered training, audited HR processes, provided coaching to specific individuals... whatever was needed to assist the action team in execution of their strategic plan.

The action team isn't doing it all, however. Part of their role is to garner support for their strategic plan and enlist volunteers to assist in execution. Everyone, then, becomes responsible for culture change.


Second Strategic Plan

As we come to the end of our first six months with you, the first strategic plan focused specifically on resolving the issues identified in the assessment will be coming to a close, and the action team can focus on creating a second strategic plan, often much more focused on real culture change and inclusion. This second plan is also for six months.

Follow Up Assessment

After approximately one year, we will deliver the survey to your organization once again, and do another round of interviews with a random selection of 10-15% of employees, as well as leadership. We can determine our success thus far, and where more work is needed.

Final Strategic Plan

Our goal is to educate our clients about how to maintain their culture. By now they've completed two 6-month strategic plans and are ready for a 12-month plan based on the most recent assessment. We will assist in developing this last plan if we are needed, and of course will assist in execution any way we can. Most of our clients request our help in creating the plan, but feel empowered to execute it and continue their work on culture without us. That means we've been successful!

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