Catherine’s keynote speech at the HR Pro Conference in 2015

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Catherine’s 5-minute “disruptive” talk at the San Diego DisruptHR event

Catherine tells her story of being bullied, and overcoming it… and of being in a terrible accident, and overcoming it. (SUE Talks are like TED Talks, by the way, but designed by women for women to empower other women)

Here’s a two minute explanation of the main difference between workplace bullying and harassment.

Webinar: In partnership with EBI Inc – Don’t Let Bullies Push your Business Around. It’s 90 minutes so grab a cup of coffee, pull out a notepad and a pen, and get going. Want more? Here’s a blog post I wrote for their website on the differences between harassment, workplace bullying and violence.

Here is a portion of Catherine’s presentation at the National Workplace Bullying Coalition’s first ever conference in New Jersey, in 2014.

Catherine discusses some of the tools she provides organizations when she’s working with them to solve the problem of workplace bullying.

Catherine discusses her recently released book about workplace bullying on the morning show at Channel 6.

Presenting for the No More Bullies Panel at P20 Talks 2012 in San Diego, California, Catherine shares her story of being bullied, and how she stood up for herself at her next job. P20 Talks was the first conference in history to gather educators from multiple professional fields and continents and recognize Life Skills as distinct, critical skill sets teachable by third party educators.