There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.” — Denis Waitley, Author

BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work

BACK OFF! Your Kick-Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work was written for targets of workplace bullying who are looking for information that will help them end the bullying. This book will arm you with the information and guidance you need to successfully navigate your way through the turmoil of dealing with workplace bullying and the managers who may deny your experiences are genuine.

BACK OFF! is written with real research and experience. It provides the facts, and practical tools you can use to make real change – and end the bullying in your workplace. The only one who can stop that damage from occurring is you. You have to make your life better.

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Praise for Back Off

“Whether you need basic advice on standing up for yourself, tips on reporting the behavior to upper management, or real help in knowing when it’s ultimately time to move on, this book will empower you to take action. You will also gain a greater understanding of what causes bullying behaviors and learn the psychological and economic impact of bullying on employees and organizations. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive or valuable handbook on this topic. – From the book’s foreword, by Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer, The Ken Blanchard Companies, Coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level

BACK OFF! is a remarkably useful and engaging survival guide that can help millions of targets, bystanders, and bullies that want to change their vile ways. I was especially impressed with the practical and powerful guidelines for battling against bullies without becoming one yourself.“ -Robert Sutton, Stanford Professor and author of New York Times bestsellers The No Asshole Rule and Good Boss, Bad Boss

BACK OFF! is packed with much needed and refreshing advice that guides targets of workplace bullying through alternative approaches that may just tip the power balance back their way. As important, the book’s emphasis on how to proactively communicate desired results provides insight and solutions even for those accused of bullying.” — Beverly Peterson, Documentary Filmmaker & Assistant Professor, Montclair State University, School of Communication & Media

“This book doesn’t let you feel like a victim – it forces you to take a look at your situation and yourself, and be a fighter. BACK OFF! provides clear and tangible action items that you can use to end the bullying.” Greg S. Reid, Best-selling Author, Speaker, Filmmaker

“If you’re looking for a practical, comprehensive resource to empower you to say no to workplace bullying, look no further than BACK OFF! Your Kick Ass Guide to Ending Bullying at Work. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge and years of hands on experience, Catherine Mattice and E. G Sebastian have produced a well-organized, easy to read book that will be invaluable to anyone interested in recognizing and responding to workplace bullying. Now everyone can ‘choose to be part of the solution,’ by taking action to stop workplace bullying.” – Erica Pinsky, Author of Road to Respect: Path to Profit

“Catherine and E.G. have provided a valuable resource for both targets of workplace bullying and managers who need to get a handle on the devastating effects that workplace bullying and mobbing has on all aspects of the organization—which ultimately impacts the bottom line. This well thought out book cuts through the confusion, dispels myths and provides practical and actionable advice for those struggling with bullying at work and those charged with creating humane, respectful, creative and profitable workplaces.” – Anton Hout,